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<h2>d notes</h2>

<h3>tooling cookbook</h3>
<li>Build [statically-linked binaries] (docker, ldc)</li>
<li><a href="">Cross-compile to MacOS</a> (docker, ldc)</li>
<li>[D on OpenBSD] (gdc)</li>

<h3>d basics</h3>
  *  [string type conversions]

<h3>primitive networking servers series</h3>
<li>[hello serial]</li>
<li>[echo serial]</li>
<li>[echo socketset]</li>
<li>[brutish chat]</li>
<li>[classy chat]</li>
<li>[echo serial betterC]</li>
<li>[hello TLS]</li>
<li>[clear-then-TLS chat]</li>
<li>[|serial UDP server] with [|client]

<h3>d design</h3>
  *  [|why can't every operator be overloaded?] (low chaos)
  *  [why does SysTime use hecto-nanoseconds?] (range > precision)

<h3>d gotchas</h3>
  *  [enum arrays] probably aren't what you want
  *  [treating a slice as a stack] is surprisingly expensive
  *  How do you [get the address of a field] if the 'field' might be a property function?
  *  [AA .remove() doesn't destroy a value struct]
  *  [stack variable lifetimes can end before their scope] and get collected mid-function by the GC

<h3>d sites</h3>
  *  [|This Week in D]
  *  [|Idioms for the D Programming Language]
  *  [|D Functional garden]
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