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Artifact ID: 099a0f380b34a14b725ee5e29572fb996cfa7b260fdd58e43697b056a5f77b29
Page Name:are AA value pointers invalidated by AA mutation?
Date: 2021-10-30 11:27:34
Original User: admin

Are AA value pointers invalidated by AA mutation?

In other words, does this program run without error?

void main() {
    int[int] aa = [1: 2];
    int* p = 1 in aa;
    foreach (i; 3 .. 10_000_000)
        aa[i] = i;
    assert(aa.length == 10_000_000 - 2);
    assert(aa[1] == 2);
    assert(p == (1 in aa));

There's no error, despite it reallocating the AA after the pointer is taken, because the pointer is to an individually allocated bucket, rather than a pointer into the resized backing array.